About Imagine Early Learning & Childcare Toronto

Welcome to Imagine Early Learning & Childcare Toronto, a home away from home

About Us

An instant feeling of warmth engulfs you as you step through the front door. You are welcomed by the homely creaks of hardwood floors under your feet and the grand ceilings with sunshine pouring in. This same feeling continues as you meet the educators whose welcoming smile settles your nerves of leaving your little one in a place unknown. The love and passion are obvious through each handpicked resource, the thought-out experiences and all the magical moments in between.

For our passionate team of educators, working as part of the Toronto team is not just a job but a vocation. Their creativity, respect, guidance and devotion spill over to the children. Built on the foundation of small-town community pride, connections and respect organically embed themselves into our centre’s bones. Children blossom when given the opportunity to explore uninterrupted, to learn lessons through their own experiences, to pose questions and discover answers, to grow and cherish relationships with the people around them, to be immersed in messy moments, to test their own boundaries and to develop their own sense of self and how the world around them works.

Our centre is open 6.30 am to 5.45 pm weekdays. Our rooms are light, airy and specially designed to provide optimal care for children aged six weeks to five years.


  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • State of the art facilities
  • Natural environment to allow children to engage with nature. We have mud-kitchens, dry creek, rocks, vegetable and herb gardens, trees, shrubs, sand, water, digging patch, pet rabbit, composting bins, labyrinth, recycling bins and much more
  • Calm and tranquil cot-rooms for babies
  • Temperature controlled premises
  • Security access through Pin-Code entry
  • Qualified and Experienced staff
  • Play-based educational programs facilitating learning and development
  • Innovative transition to school programs (pre-kinder programs) delivered by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Diploma qualified Educators
  • A Primary caregiver approach for Nursery and Toddler aged children

We place a strong emphasis on nurturing children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder. We aim to “show them all the beauty they possess inside and to give them a sense of pride” (Whitney Houston). Watch this video to get a snapshot of our philosophy in action.