My children have all gone to Imagine Early Learning & Childcare. My daughter now in year 3 at school is doing so well thanks to Imagine Early Learning & Childcare Pre-school Program. It provided the tools my daughter needed to be confident to start kindergarten. Currently My 2 youngest children attend, the staff are beautiful and helpful wouldn’t want my babies anywhere else.  READ MORE

Lisa / Toronto

Why Choose Imagine

At Imagine Early Learning and Childcare we believe childhood is about playing, discovering and believing in dreams. The future is manifest in our children’s imagination and perfected in the games they play. There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child, there are seven million!  At Imagine Early Learning and Childcare, we give children’s imagination wings by providing opportunities to explore, discover, to ask questions and ponder on the how, why and what.  At Imagine Early Learning and Childcare, children learn how to think, not what to think. 

We also understand that for children to have the confidence to explore, imagine and create, they need an environment in which they feel safe and secure, an environment where cuddles and soothing words are freely available, and physical needs are met.  When you walk into any one of our centres, you will hear the laughter and happy chatter of children and gentle words of encouragement from educators. You will see beautiful natural environments filled will materials derived from nature, and resources aimed at promoting open-ended learning through play. We hope that you will feel the warmth of love and care that each of our educators are skilled in providing.

Everything we do is underlain by one core principle, that is to honour the trust families place in us to provide the very best care and education for their children.  From babies to preschool age, we provide high quality care and early childhood programs to support each child’s holistic learning and development.  The activities we plan and way we organise the play environments, select resources and interact with the children are all designed to ensure that each child leaves Imagine Early Learning with happy memories, a positive self-concept, highly developed social skills, emotional resilience, and all the necessary skills for a successful start to school. Our preschool programs are planned by highly experienced and trained Early Childhood Teachers to ensure your child makes a successful transition to school.

Rather than take our word for it, come and visit us and see for yourself. In 6 handy locations around Newcastle and surrounds, there is an Imagine Early Learning centre just around the corner.

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