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About Imagine Early Learning & Childcare

At Imagine Early Learning and Childcare we know that the first five years of a child’s life is most significant to their future academic and life successes.

About Us

Imagine Early Learning & Childcare (formerly known as My Kindy) is a small network of family owned and operated child care centres in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. We have been setting the benchmark for high quality early childhood education and child care for the past 26 years. Our daycare centres are purpose built and architecturally designed to optimise care and learning for children from birth to school age. Our environments abound with natural elements, both inside and out.

We acknowledge that the early childhood years are a time of tremendous learning and growth and believe that children come into this world with a natural curiosity to learn about the world around them.

We believe that it is important to honour their sense of wonder, encourage their curiosity, and support their interests and views.

We believe children develop understanding in many ways, but they learn best in an environment where they feel safe, secure and confident. Therefore, we believe in creating an environment in which children feel a sense of belonging, are free to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions with the confidence that they will be respected and heard.

We acknowledge, value and respect the uniqueness of each family and the wonderful opportunities this provides our centres. We see families as partners in the children’s learning journey and their input in all facets of the program is encouraged, supported and valued. As well as the daily face-to-face conversations between families and educators, we use a powerful digital platform called Storypark to share information with parents.

We would love to show you around one of our wonderful centres. With 6 handy locations in Newcastle and surrounds, there is an Imagine Early Learning Centre just around the corner.

We place a strong emphasis on nurturing children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder. We aim to “show them all the beauty they possess inside and to give them a sense of pride” (Whitney Houston). Watch this video to get a snapshot of our philosophy in action.