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Why Are Kids Impatient?

“Are we there yet?,” the backseat asks.   Uh oh.   “In a little while,” you answer, hoping against hope that this will satisfy her. But like every parent, you already know what’s coming… the fidgeting, the fussing, the fooling around, and the falling apart.    ...

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Why won’t my kids play outside?

What do we do when children don’t want to play outside? Some kids just seem to prefer making a mess inside (or staring at devices) rather than exploring the great outdoors.     It used to be easy for our parents to just ‘kick us out’ to play because we were in...

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Settling Into A New Environment

You’ve just started your child in care. It’s the first day however things go wrong and your child protests loudly when it’s time for you to say goodbye.   Many children experience anxiety when starting a new child care arrangement whether it be a new centre, new...

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