Imagine Early Learning & Childcare centres are approved under the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Our services meet quality benchmarks under the National Quality Standard in all areas which include


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A unique educational program is implemented in each service that builds on children’s individual knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests and promotes long term benefits for both children and for the broader society.


Maintaining children’s health, safety and wellbeing is an essential part of our daily practice. Policies and procedures are informed by best practice guidelines and reviewed regularly to ensure services are managing and caring for children at highest standard, whilst in our care.


Our services have been designed to enhance children’s participation within indoor and outdoor contexts. Both environments offer diverse learning opportunities yet reflect aspects of the natural environments. Recent buildings of the Imagine Group have been designed with sustainable features to ensure to minimise the impact on our environment.


Our educators value the genuine relationships in which they develop with each child to guide, support and care for them. Our philosophy centres relationships as a fundamental aspect to building children’s sense of belonging within our services. Secure attachments therefore allow children to feel confident as they explore and learn within the environment.

Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Our services value families as the first and foremost important educator in their child’s life. As we know that experiences within the home are so significant in a child’s life, we feel it is important to maintain continuity between the home and education and care environment. Mutually respectful relationships between educators and families are the key to quality partnerships enhancing children’s learning and development.


Our team include some of the most highly skilled and experienced Early Childhood Professionals. They hold various qualifications ranging from Certificate III level to tertiary qualified (Bachelor in Education/ Teaching in Early Childhood). Ongoing professional development of our team is an integral part of the Imagine ethos. Educators are encouraged and supported to achieve professional goals, learn and implement new ideas and to share their professional knowledge with colleagues.

Governance and Leadership

Our services are governed by qualified and experienced managers who are responsible to promote the day to day operation of the centres at high standard of quality practice. Our service directors are guided by a highly skilled area manager and managing director, both qualified in early childhood education, who oversee business operations and other operational supports.