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Simple Natural Art


Art doesn’t always need to be difficult or messy!


Some of us can cringe at the thought of getting the paint and pots out when our child asks for craft. It can be challenging to set up a play experience that allows your child opportunities to get creative and explore. Often we overthink the process. .



But it can be simple. What do we have available? What can I use?  How can I support my child with their creative growth? 

One way we can break down the difficulty of creative arts if by using what is around us – the natural world! We are surrounded by a world of creativity, natural wonder and phenomenon, and winter is the perfect season to be out in the backyard.

Children can be found outside digging, collecting, gathering and sorting objects they find in nature, and this is how they learn and play – this is their “work”. We can use this interest and expand on it be allowing children to lead us in their quest for knowledge. 

You can start by taking your child on a scavenger hunt.  Let them collect objects of different lengths, widths, textures, colours, and shapes. Talk about each object and its features, and explore the differences and similarities between the objects. 


This will provide the opportunity for them to connect with the environment whilst inspiring thought about each object and how it can be used.


Using this beautiful collection of natural treasures, your child can run wild with their imagination and use them to create a beautiful collage. All you need is a piece of double sided contact, pop it onto a glass window and have your child place their objects however they wish to – they can explore the way the sun rays hit each object, the shadows the objects made, and arrange their objects in ways that are thoughtful and creative.


What a wonderful way to connect with nature whilst exploring concepts of art and creativity!

Written by Helena Byrne

Early Childhood Teacher/ Educational Leader

Imagine Early Learning and Childcare – Merewether Heights