For children, play is learning and what many affordances nature offers as a play space!


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In a technologically advancing world, we are seeing an increased disconnect with children’s play in nature and the outdoors.

‘Playing outdoors grows resilience, self-confidence, initiative, creativity and more. It encourages the joy of movement; it nurtures wild imaginations, experimentation, friendships, social connections and behaviour’ (Nature Play QLD, 2018).

At Imagine Early Learning & Childcare we pride ourselves on providing children with ample opportunities to explore nature and the natural environment.

I highly recommend Imagine Early Learning & Childcare. My daughter loves going there and gets excited on the days she knows is going to school. All the educators are lovely & friendly.

Amanda / Newcastle

Whilst our services differ in environmental contexts, our commitment to exposing children to nature remains at the philosophical front of the Imagine Group. As well as having outdoor play spaces in our services which afford elements of risky play such as “climbing at heights, playing at high speeds, using tools and exposing children to the natural elements like water and fire” (Sandseter, 2007), we ensure to take children into the natural spaces of the local community on excursions and planned outings.

Nature is a part of our holistic curriculum. Not only do children have opportunities to explore natural spaces outdoors but also indoors as materials and experiences reflective of nature are planned as a part of the indoor curriculum.

Nature based experiences which may take place at your local Imagine service include:

  • Sand play
  • Tree climbing
  • Water play
  • Exposure to Fire (in designated fire pit areas)
  • Stick play
  • Natural materials used for creative play, i.e. rocks, bark, leaves, grass, branches, logs and so on.